Summary Action Sports Summit 2018

Thursday 4th  October 9

It was great to hold our 2nd international summit in the amazing castle that Word of Life utilises for kids camps and conferences. What a treat to be amongst beautiful forests on the edge of a lake. There had already been a three day meeting with the global representative facilitating team who run the summit and reflect on the past and future of ACTS.

Some 45 of us met, including two sets of kids who loved the castle straight away. We had a sense that God had taken us deeper in trust and awareness since our first summit in 2016.

We were reminded that ACTS exists to:

  • GATHER people
  • VALIDATE calling
  • SHARE resources
  • GROW leaders and ministries.

We were reminded where this network has come from and our part in the broader global sports movement that has been going since the late 70’s. ACTS was established as the action sports expression of this movement initially in 2014.

Friday 5th October

We are all thankful for the catering staff of the castle!

We reviewed the heart values of the sports movement which ACTS is part of and also the amazing open source resources of  for training in sports ministry. ACTS has its own subset within this training.

We broke into four discussion groups to address:  church partnering, casting vision/recruiting leaders, fundraising, longevity.

Free time had us enjoy the lake, local walk and a climb up spiral staircase in the tower of the castle.

We got to hear highlights from around the world. Everything from a Christian based wakepark being built in Germany, a kiteboarding business as mission in Sri Lanka, free pancake breakfast at Mexican rock climbing event, surf lessons and discipleship in Venezuela, to skateboarding clubs in Canada and snowboarding camps in Slovenia. Amazing accounts of creative mission by creative called people!

A Panel discussion was held around some emerging issues in action sports including the Olympics, cross generational development, and resources.

Saturday 6th October

There is something special about worshipping in an 18 Century domed chapel that had seen hundreds of years of worship go on in it. We reviewed some recent video and training material the ACTS team had created and encouraged everyone to take and use anything for free.

We explored a unique action sports matrix and drew a shape of our action sports around the parameters of extreme, fun, stylish, counter cultural. Interestingly, most sports featured more on the fun and style reflecting the fact that many had become mainstream and not so extreme for the average participant.

The Sports Ministry Map was very helpful for us to define where our organisation or individually we carried out our ministry. The two axis are around the spiritual continuum and the player continuum. Our overall focus was the core non Christian participant, and most of us were spending much time preparing the core Christian participant to engage in mission.

We were all reminded of one of the Ready Set Go (RSG) resources of ‘Pray Play Say’, a simple strategy to empower Christians in our sports to pray fervently, play strategically and say discerningly.

We broke into four elective groups choosing from: mobilisation of new leaders; financing your ministry; multi generational development; long term sustainability, all very relevant topics.

We had one afternoon for experiencing some local action sport and people were encouraged to go try something new. Hiking in the alps, skate park, parkour and river surfing in the city. All quite unique and we learned fresh appreciation (and respect) for our varied sports.

We populated a world map of locations where active action sports ministry existed and large gaps were apparent in Eurasia, East Asia, pacific islands and Africa.

We met around the fire pit and heard more stories of God specifically at work. A start up partnership between kitesurfing in Sri Lanka with YWAM and CS; developing a global movement in SFC; resource development such as Sports Spectrum magazine, and Bibles; and how to finance staff based on the Skate Life model.  We finished the evening with baked chocolate and marshmallow bananas, awesome!

Sunday 7th  October

Final sessions included a wrap up of ‘what’s next’ with an open panel discussion about  upcoming meetings. We proposed regional summits for 2019 in Sarjevo for Europe, Japan for Asia Pacific, somewhere in USA for North America’s, Johannesburg for Africa and Central America for South America. In 2020 we proposed our third global summit to be held in Japan prior to the Olympics. All agreed that Japan will be a focus, having the largest unreached action sports population as well as the Olympics.  Additional discussions about joining the ACTS network, the availability of grants for cross pollination visits via application, future matching grant of $25k we hope to grow to $50k.