For the first time in Sri Lanka’s history, believers in Christ and the biggest thrill seekers, adventurers gathered in Kalpitiya, a sleepy fishing village off the West Coast of Sri Lanka.

This meeting was a commitment that was made during the 2nd Global Action Sports Conference held in Munich Germany.

There were no expectations, just that we should invite persons we knew who were involved in the action sports in Sri Lanka that also have a love for Jesus. We met on the 30th of November and 1st of December 2018.

The 18 persons that Gathered were:

Julian – Sports Movement/ Swimming

Cody – Family on Mission – Surfing

Tiffany – Family on Mission – Surfing

Kids of Cody and Tifany Koda and Kenai

Sajith – Surfing/ Church Planter and Pastor

Senura – Youth for Christ Sri Lanka

Indrajith – From Campus Crusade Sri Lanka

Marcel – Kitesurfing, Business as Mission

Sylvie – Kitesurfing, Business as Mission

Kids Marcel and Sylvie– Sky and Celine

Refuge – Sports Movement – Fitness

Kid of Refuge – Avi

Phil & Brandy – Family on Mission – Kitesurfing

Kid of Phil and Brandy – Noah

Dilsiri – Acts Core Team

What did we do:

It was the first time that all of met from different parts of the island. We have known the ‘big’ names but never had met in person. It was a special time of Sharing of what each of us did and how even though none have met in person, their testimonies had impacts on each other. We all felt Validated and Encouraged. Some even shed tears and some hid them.

We also spoke about the wider sports movement and the Ready Set Go resource that was available. Our plans in the future would include how we Grow individually an also raise the next level leaders.

Key difficulties that was shared amongst all was;

  • Loneliness in our respected regions of Sri Lanka
  • Lack of Church; its understanding and support
  • How can we be effective vessels of revival to our churches?
  • Lack of discipleship amongst us – raising the next generation. Most of us are first (and maybe only generation) action sports leaders
  • What are the easy action sports we can introduce?
  • How can we tap into Youth for Christ who are very involved in Sri Lanka?

We also had fun times.

Taught the Surfers a ‘better’ sport – Kitesurfing. Cody and Babu actually learnt quite fast. We also have a Fit Fuge session with Refuge who is involved with Fitness. We sang chorus and even a guest of the hotel upon hearing our singing joined our meeting. Carola was believer Kitesurfer from Netherlands and her Boyfriend was not, we prayed for her and her boyfriend too.

In the nights we had BBQ, Bonfire and time of sharing and bonding.

We committed to:

1. Meet in 15th and 16th of March 2019 of the Second Core Gathering in Weligama or Panadura.

2. Organize an extended Action Sports Conference so we can find next generation leaders in Actions Sports in August 2019 – Dates to be confirmed.