ACTS Global Summit – Online

18 May – Day 1

Our online Global Summit kicked off on the 18 May. We had over 75 participants on the call from all over the world. A big “THANK YOU” to all those who attended and participated.

The agenda was simple …

To Gather together

To Validate each other’s ministries

To Share resources &

To Grow leaders

Josh Stock of Snowboarders & Skiiers For Christ hosted us – watch the welcome & intro.

Mark Heger taught us from the Word of God – watch the devos below

Eli Conlee, executive director of Climbers for Christ, shared with us their journey of stepping into leadership and support raising – watch vid below.

Toni & Uli Frallicciardi founders of Christian Skaters shared about ministry during Covid 19 – watch their presentation below.

Dean Dahl from Young Life shared with us what he sees as the 6 runways to get us thinking about what is emerging in Action / Adventure Sport right now.

Here’s Dean’s 6 points:

1. Next Level Organizational Structure
        Olympic involvement, Growing focus on outdoor experiential education, Growth of national federations for action sports. local community engagement in action/adventure sport programming.

2. Big business Engagement
        New marketing aimed at Action/ adventure sport communities, Increased focus on adventure lifestyle branded food/clothing, etc, integrations of action sports into mainstream advertising.

3. Individual Active Options
        Internet is an increasing DIY resource. Culture shift toward leisure lifestyle (time, money, communities).

4. The Slow Fading Away of Big Team Sport
        Increased awareness of systemic injuries in big team sports. General weariness toward mainstream sport culture, Aging demographic of Big Sport audience.

5. Shift in Mission Style (Mission Shift)
        Is this the last generation of North American, Modern Evangelical donors? North American Baby boomers are aging- increased focus on legacy gifts through their wills. Close to the secularization of the western world. Dramatic new expressions of Christian mission leadership from Africa, South America, Asia.

6. God’s Spirit Moving In A Unique Way
        Covid is an example of Christians being compelled to find new ways to serve. God seems to be leading innovation through a global crisis. Sense of Spirit-led opportunity in God’s people around the world.

Keep coming back as we get the videos edited and uploaded.

Don’t forget to join us for the closing session this Friday


Time:       8-9am                                     USA (East Coast)

                 1-2pm                                      London

                 10-11pm (FRIDAY)             Sydney

 Summary of meetings, any emerging action points, reflection, prayer.

***the final meeting is FRIDAY 22nd 10pm Sydney time NOT Saturday as we had originally posted!