ACTs Global Summit – Americas

19 May 2020 – Day 2

Uli Frallicciardi kicked us off with an introduction and Josh emceed for the Americas regional gathering. Pastor Chris Lauri from Anthem Church in Idaho led us in a devotional.

Kevin Foss, who leads Trail Stoke, a mountain biking ministry in Western Washington, gave us a ministry story.

Luis Gutierrz Chourio with Christian Surfers Venezuela also gave a ministry story, but sadly his connection was bad and he was dropped from the call.

The 5 regular breakout sessions plus a session for Portuguese speakers and Spanish speakers were led by:

  • Josh Stock – SFC – Recruiting and Stustaining Leadership
  • Den Dahl – Skatelife CA – Growing a Discipleship Based Ministry
  • Toni & Uli Frallicciardi – CS – Better Use of Social Media and Online Platforms
  • Jonny Nelson – JSAW – Action Sports Business as Mission
  • Randy Shroeder – SFC – Fundraising
  • Pastor Bruno Taolli – Portuguese session
  • Manny Argueta & Luis Gutierrz Chourio – Spanish session

Zoom does not record breakout rooms so we only have a video summary from these sessions.

Lastly, we have a video of the wrap up and chat afterwards. Thanks to all you participated and made this such a great success!