ACTS Global Summit – Finale

22 May 2020 – Day 5

Brett Davis, founder of Christian Surfers, hosted us and Brian, who has a paragliding business led us in devotions (the devotions were not recorded).

Brett and the facilitating team gave examples of how we fulfill our mission to connect leaders who are making disciples in action sports by:

  • Gathering People
  • Validating Calling
  • Sharing Resources
  • Growing Leaders

We had an update on future gatherings by Dean Dahl, Skate Community Summit, Roy Harley, International Director of Christian Surfers and TJ about Japan.

John Yip shared about the International Sports Movement and where Action Sports fits into the bigger picture.

Dean Dahl, Skatelife Canada shares about some mega trends in Action Sports globally. His main points: 1. Local is Global; 2.The fringe influences the centre; 3. Unique calling brings unique gifts and opportunities.