Facilitating Team

The founding team for ACTS has been selected to represent a range of ministries, sports and nations. We will continue to evolve this team over time to become even more representative.

  • Luis Guterriz – Founder Christian Surfers Venezuela, professional sports commentator, ‘kids games’ coordinator
  • Chris Van der Merve – Founder of ‘Inspired to Become’, national director of Christian Skaters South Africa, professional roller bladder and skim boarder
  • Brett Davis – Founder Christian Surfers Australia, global networker
  • Brian – Operation Mobilisation Extreme Sports, UK based. Paraglider with interests in all air sports.
  • Micha Stucher – Director of Team Extreme Germany of SrS, mountain biker and snowboarder
  • Jonny Nelson – Director of JSAW USA snow, skate, wake ministry
  • Toni Frallicciardi – Founder Christian Skaters International USA based
  • JP Koch – Snowboarding and surfing in Japan with OMF
  • Josh Stock – Co-founder of snowboarders and skiers for Christ and international director based in Colorado, USA
  • Dilsiri Welikala – Founder of Kitesurfing Sri Lanka kiting schools and campsites, also passionate for surfing and other action sports