A representative team of action sports ministry leaders have been meeting since 2013 based on various sports, organizations, nations and level of influence.

We represented the inaugural Action Sports track at ReadySetGo in 2013 and 2014 and consolidated a representative facilitating team after the 2014 meeting.

In November 2015 we refined a proposal, an ethos, an introductory training, and represented Action Sports at the Orlando ReadySetGo conference.

From Dec 2015 develop an ACTS website that simply shares the vision, values, ethos and statement of faith as well as an online connection process.

From January 2016 begin to share the proposal with a first round of action sports ministry leaders and follow up with personal visit or phone call the concept and make personal invitation via the best person of trust.

Plan a 2016 follow up meeting of the Representative Facilitating Team and a Ministry Summit of invited members of the ACTS network in Southern California November prior to the Orlando meeting.

Over 2016 consider what generic training or articles might be helpful to add to the website