• SRS The Skate Conference report
    27. Januar 2020 Skate Conference, Boneyard Skatepark, Calvary Chapel Siegen, Germany. 22 Skaters, from 6+ different countries, all in one place to network, discuss and encourage throughout our various skate ministries across Europe. 3 individuals from Christian Skaters UK, … read more …
    For the first time in Sri Lanka’s history, believers in Christ and the biggest thrill seekers, adventurers gathered in Kalpitiya, a sleepy fishing village off the West Coast of Sri Lanka. This meeting was a commitment that was made during the 2nd Global Action Sports Conference held in Munich Germany. There were no expectations, just … Read more
  • Summary Action Sports Summit 2018
    Thursday 4th  October 9 It was great to hold our 2nd international summit in the amazing castle that Word of Life utilises for kids camps and conferences. What a treat to be amongst beautiful forests on the edge of a lake. There had already been a three day meeting with the global representative facilitating team … Read more