• ACTS Global Summit – Finale
    22 May 2020 – Day 5 Brett Davis, founder of Christian Surfers, hosted us and Brian, who has a paragliding business led us in devotions (the devotions were not recorded). Brett and the facilitating team gave examples of how we fulfill our mission to connect leaders who are making disciples in action sports by: Gathering
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  • ACTs Global Summit – EMEA
    Europe Middle East Africa 21 May 2020 – Day 4 Chris van der Merwe, who leads Inspired2Be (i2b), was our host with a great team of facilitators. Kelvin Murage with CS Kenya led us in devotions. We had 4 ministry stories from: Troy Pitney who leads Surf Church Porto Francisco aka Tchinho, CSkate Mozambique Moose
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  • ACTs Global Summit – Asia Pacific
    20 May 2020 – Day 3 JP Koch hosted the Asia Pacific region summit. JP is based in Japan and has a surfing and snowboarding ministry. Chris Chon with CS Taiwan led us in a devotional. We had 3 ministry stories by Dilsiri – Kitesurfing Lanka, Luke, & Ken We had 5 breakout rooms hosted
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  • ACTs Global Summit – Americas
    19 May 2020 – Day 2 Uli Frallicciardi kicked us off with an introduction and Josh emceed for the Americas regional gathering. Pastor Chris Lauri from Anthem Church in Idaho led us in a devotional. Kevin Foss, who leads Trail Stoke, a mountain biking ministry in Western Washington, gave us a ministry story. Luis Gutierrz
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  • ACTS Global Summit – Online
    18 May – Day 1 Our online Global Summit kicked off on the 18 May. We had over 75 participants on the call from all over the world. A big “THANK YOU” to all those who attended and participated. The agenda was simple … To Gather together To Validate each other’s ministries To Share resources
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  • SRS The Skate Conference report
    27. Januar 2020 Skate Conference, Boneyard Skatepark, Calvary Chapel Siegen, Germany. 22 Skaters, from 6+ different countries, all in one place to network, discuss and encourage throughout our various skate ministries across Europe. 3 individuals from Christian Skaters UK, … read more …