Grant Application

The Action Sports Network is currently taking applications for grants to:

  1. Cross Pollination trips. We want to encourage Action Sports ministries to visit and help develop other Action Sports participants and ministries in order to multiply and grow other Action Sports ministries that will impact the world of Action Sports for the Kingdom of God.


The following items are required to be considered for a grant:

  • You must be invited and recommended by one of the ACTS facilitating team.
  • You must be involved in an action sport ministry.
  • If applying for a grant towards a Cross Pollination trip, then you must send us a report after the grant funds have been expended. You must complete the grant report. Please read the grant report after completing this application.

Selection and Approval

The ACTS facilitating team meets monthly to review the applications it receives. If you meet the requirements and your application is approved the Acts facilitating team member who recommended you will be in touch with you to facilitating the transfer of funds. We do not have funds available to fully cover your costs. You will be expected to cover at least 50% of the total travel and accommodation costs yourself or through other donors. The funds we have available are a matching grant, so what you raise will be matched.

Grant Application

  • The Action Sports Network is currently taking applications for grants to: - Attend a regional or international Action Sports Summit (by invitation only). - Train leaders. - Recruiting new ministries to join the Acts network. - Start a new ministry.
  • You must read the Grant Report Form before applying for a grant towards a Cross Pollination Trip and commit to reporting back.
  • Which member of the ACTS facilitating team invited & recommended you for the Acts Summit and grant? If you don't know please Contact Us!
  • What is the Action Sport Ministry that you are involved in?
  • What Action Sport Ministry(ies) are you involved in? Please give a brief description.
  • What country does your action sport ministry take place?
  • Do you have a website about your Action Sport Ministry?
  • Please give us the cost of travel expenses if you are applying for funds for either the Summit or a Cross Pollination trip.
  • Please give us the details and purpose of your Cross Pollination Trip. Include: who you will be visiting, purpose, how long you will visit, and outcomes that you hope to achieve. Please include any other details that are pertinent. Leave blank if you are applying for a grant to the ACTS Summit in Munich.
  • Please enter the amount needed in Euros.
  • Please enter the date you need the funds.
    DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • If your application is accepted we will send the grant to you through PayPal. You must have a PayPal account with an email address that we can send money to. For more information: