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  • Weekly Winter Word
    Written by snowboarders and skiers FOR snowboarders and skiers.
  • Skaters Devotional (Spanish)
    Saltar a la Fe (Jump to Faith) Saltar a la Fe is a skaters devotional book that was translated by Christian Skaters Argentina and is available in printed and digital form.
  • Surfers Devotional
    A weekly devotional for surfers by surfers has been produced by Christian Surfers USA. Feel free to get inspired to start a similar thing for your sport.
  • When a Surfer gets Saved
    These small testimonials from south Africa are helpful to encourage others. You can use these and get inspired to produce your own.
  • Snowboarders and Skiers for Christ Trail Map
    Leaders Handbook A leaders handbook created to help guide leaders and new interests through the four phases of SFC. Learn, Engage, Act, Direct. A searchable PDF version is available online here.
  • Leadership Development
    Introductory Training for Action Sports Ministry PowerPoint and Videos are all available on or download the pdf here.
  • Christian Surfers Foundations Training
    An introduction to the Christian Surfers mission with four part open units and another four that require logging in. CS gladly shares this with the action sports community as much is transferable.
  • How to Start an Action Sports Ministry
  • Action Sports Training
    It covers: What are Action Sports? What are the Opportunities What are the Next Steps? Below is an accompanying PowerPoint to be used with the above training session
  • Action Sports Infographic